Need a drone lesson?

Just received a drone but not too sure how to fly it? I provide drone lessons to new pilots teaching them how to easily fly their craft in a confident, safe and effective manner.

Beginner drone kit.

The perfect kit for beginners! This kit comes with everything you need to fly. All kits are made to order, assembled in Australia and quality tested before being shipped.

Micro cinematography kit.

This kit has been designed specifically for pilots hoping to obtain unique and high-quality footage utilising a micro drone. An excellent choice for photography and video experts!

Drone services.

Aerial photography missions, drone inspections, beginner lessons as well as class demonstrations can all be organised directly through our website!

Aerial inspections and cinematography.

Drone missions in confined spaces requires a pilot to operate with precision and the correct drone for the job. Our fleet of drones can be used to inspect and film in nearly any situation or environment!

Drone demonstrations and classes.

Drone education and training classes are always a very popular choice by our students! We teach the safe and confident control of drones, and best practices used by industry professionals.

Learn how drones work and how to design your own! Great STEM projects available!

Customised drones and kits.

Drones can be retrofitted with a large number of specialised systems to stabilise cameras, deliver payloads, scan environments etc.

We can 3D design and print custom drones that weigh below 250 grams!



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