Dual Micro FPV Drone Kit




The Dual Micro FPV Kit contains everything you need to start flying! We have included 2 Micro Drones in this kit for our focus on cinematography and camera work. The second micro drone is fitted with a HD camera that records 720p footage onto an SD card (also included.) Learn the ropes of FPV drone flight with an incredibly safe and nimble drone, paired with specially chosen equipment that our new pilots love using. This is a perfect kit for beginners as the contents of this kit can be used with other drones.

Also included in this kit is the excellent drone simulator, “Liftoff!” This is the same simulator we use to teach drone flight at schools and public events!

Both brushed FPV micro drones weigh less than 29 grams each, average 4 minutes flight time per battery and are a pleasure to fly indoors and out!

Kit contains:
1 x Brushed Micro FPV Drone.

1 x Brushed Micro HD Recording FPV Drone.

1 x FPV Box Goggles with Diversity Antennas and DVR.

1 x Multi-protocol Radio Controller.

1 x FPV USB Receiver for watching the footage on your PC or phone.

6 x Drone Batteries and USB Charger.

1 x 16GB SD Card.

1 x Liftoff Drone Simulator (requires a computer to play.)

Spare Parts.